Toddlers: 16 months to 32 months

We are licensed for 13 toddlers, ages 16 to 33 months, and we adhere to a 1:7 ratio.

Classroom Goals and Activities (for ages 16 months to 33 months)

• Learning empathy, showing aggression, sharing, and stubbornness
• Playing parallel to others

• Furthering independence and given choices
• Tantrums!
• Playing in dramatic play
• Movement and dance

• Books, books, books!
• Circle Time – songs, books, and finger plays in a large group setting
• Rhyming, naming, and reading
• Teaching language skills and being involved in conversation
• Colors, shapes, and counting

Gross Motor:
• Outdoor and/or large muscle play twice daily
• Jumping, hopping, skipping, riding, pushing, and pulling
• Climbing on climbers and sliding down slides
• Water play in the summer!

Fine Motor:
• Throwing, stacking, nesting, cutting, and eye-hand coordination
• Self-help skills – washing hands, toilet training, putting on own clothing for outdoor play, eating appropriately and using a regular cup
• Immersion in art and sensory experiences to enhance every day!

• Continuing to develop trust in those around them
• Participating in prayer before mealtime
• Once weekly Chapel with Pastor Jason (Associate Pastor of HNLC)
• Being taught simple Bible stories, songs, and basic Christian concepts

Daily Schedule:
700-730 A.M.: Combined Free Play
730-830 A.M.: Toddler Free Play & Art
830-845 A.M.: Circle Time
845-915 A.M.: Breakfast
915-945 A.M.: Diapering, Music & Movement
945-1000 A.M.: Language Arts
1000-1030 A.M.: Art
1030-1115 A.M.: Outside/Large Muscle
1115-1130 A.M.: Wash Hands, Storytime
1130 A.M.-1215 P.M.: Lunch
1215-1245 P.M.: Diapering
1245-300 P.M.: Naptime
300-330 P.M.: Snack
330-400 P.M.: Diapering, Sensory
400-430 P.M.: Circle Time, Songs
430-515 P.M.: Outdoor/Large Muscle
515-600 P.M.: Combined Free Play

Our Toddler Room Welcome Newsletter:

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